geoColor ExplorerII

geoColor ExplorerII 2.0

géoColor Explorer II is mapping software that works...

géoColor Explorer II is mapping software that works inside an Internet browser. It relay on Google Map, Adobe Flash Player, and Google, or Yahoo geocoding Server.

It is written for users with or without knowledge of Geographic Information System (GIS). A user who has a list of Addresses with attributes that want to display them on a map without the service of a professional.

géoColor creates an eye pleasing and sophisticated Map with Google Map in the background. Thematic Analysis, picture displayed, and access to Web site of the user?

trade;s data are part of the standard features. The software has a Library of Color sets for thematic Analysis, and a Library of Symbol for displaying the user?

trade;s data. Features: * Uses Excel File (CSV Tab, comma. delimited File), no need to any other kind of files like Shape or MID/MIF. * Does geocoding at user?

trade;s request. * Thematic Analysis color the Map by Value * More than 50 symbols for markers. * More than 50 Color Sets * Pan, Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Zoom Window are standard part of the Software.

* Uses Google Map as a background to display the user? trade;s Map. * Easy to use. * Display images instantly if they are on the user? trade;s Computer.

* Link to Web Site in a different Window. * User? trade;s Definition of the Map is User? trade;s Friendly, depends heavily on Display and Pick. * User can GeoCode his File, then save the result for subsequent rapid final execution.

* GeoCoding works in North America, Europe, and most of other countries. * Available in English, French, and soon will be available in different Languages.

geoColor ExplorerII


geoColor ExplorerII 2.0